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Corsca is your everyday pair of smart eyewear, offering open ear audio, handsfree calls, voice assistants, and activity tracking.

Top Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses for sport

Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

Corsca Bluetooth audio sunglasses With the rapid development of TWS true wireless earphones in recent years, traditional wired earphones are no longer alone. Although TWS true wireless headsets are compact and more portable, problems such as connection stability, battery life, and easy loss still restrict users’ enthusiasm for TWS true wireless headsets. In addition, most […]

Disassembly report: HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II smart glasses


HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II is a new generation of Huawei’s smart audio glasses released in 2020. Based on the previous HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear, the problem of sound leakage has been improved, and the charging, battery life, intelligent interaction and other aspects have been upgraded. . This series of glasses adheres to […]

What is experience to own Smart Glasses?

Everyday Needs Eyewear

Everyday Needs Eyewear It has been a long time since the concept of smart wearable devices was invented to the present. At present, smart devices of various shapes have been fully integrated into our lives. For example, smart watches can monitor our physical conditions at all times, helping users to understand their bodies more deeply. […]

Fashionable Smart Glasses Supplier

Smart Audio Glasses

On November 27, 2020, Corsca’s Latest Smart Audio Glasses Has Been Launched. As a production and R&D smart audio glasses factory in China, the launch of new products is particularly important. Corsca released two new styles: C9B and C9S, sunglasses, and classic optical series. So far, Corsca smart audio glasses have three series and 25 […]

Smart Eyewear is the lightest, stylish way to get music without headphones – and one that’s quite worth it.

Corsca Smart Eyewear

Smart glasses sound better than they look. Does anyone need a pair of sunglasses that can play music? This is the question raised by the latest CR Smart Eyewear series launched by Corsca, a supplier of Chinese electronic technology solutions, and it has probably been answered. The headline features of this wearable – less smart-glass […]

Smart Eyewear Will Be Replacement Possible The Smartphone?

smart eyewear

There is no denying that the smart eyewear market is ripe for embracing a new wave of products designed to encourage the adoption of the new normal,wearable tech that looks no different from ordinary specs. By Corsca I have to admit, that as a writer of all the technological terms of fashion, I have been […]

Corsca new launches smart glasses with speakers hidden in the temples arms

Corsca new launches smart glasses

The tech supplier Corsca has launched Smart Eyewear- smart glasses and sunglasses with speakers hidden in the temples arms. With face masks now compulsory in many settings across the world, peoples’ ears have been working overtime holding up masks, headphones, earrings and glasses. But Corsca’s latest gadget brings together glasses and headphones, giving your ears […]

Corsca Smart Eyewear aren’t that smart

Smart glasses

But at least it starts at only $60. As we are the source manufacturer of smart glasses, so we can provide customers with the best quality products as well as the most competitive prices. If you are looking for reliable supplier, i am confident that Corsca is one that may suit you. Corsca’s newly launched […]

The next big trend in technology: Smart glasses

smart glasses

Consumer technology giants have already hinted at the next big trend in the industry. Smart glasses are the products of the future, which can ensure that the wearer can answer the phone, listen to music, and call the voice assistant hands-free. Many people believe that smart Bluetooth glasses can replace mobile phones in the future. […]

Why would you Choose “smart glasses”?

Smart glasses CR05B

Fashion and technology, Corsca’s new smart wearable device The possibilities of smart glasses are almost limitless. All that is needed is to make further improvements to the technology and to carry out more software development to continuously improve them. As they become more mainstream, prices will drop and features will rise, eventually making them as […]

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